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We seek candidates who are passionate about the marketplace Ministry and teaching students to identify and plan for their missions as well as be innovators and leaders. Ideal candidates are aligned with the OCU teaching philosophy, which celebrates hands-on, experiential learning. As for the Open Christian Ministries, OCU uses volunteers to fulfil its mission. If you don't see any open role or feel you can help the university with a special commitment, please reach out to us through

Open Roles

Online Adjunct Faculty

Role overview

Open Christian University is looking for Adjunct faculty who have the experience and the passion for education, especially for mentoring Christian Leaders serving in the marketplace within the business and nonprofit fields. Adjunct Faculty are unpaid online faculty members appointed by the University to provide support services related to teaching, research, or public service.

It is expected that adjunct faculty members will model a personal commitment to the goals and values of Open Christian University, engage in an active commitment to and experience of personal spiritual formation within a biblically-informed Christian worldview, and follow lesson plans developed for the course they are facilitating.

OCU offers self-paced, market-driven missionary courses to marketplace Christians from different countries. While the time required by adjuncts varies by course, typically most courses will require 10-15 hours per week per course (about 1 hour per week per student). Most often we have faculty start with a trial term where they teach 2-6 students while they get familiar with our students, technology, processes and culture. This allows both the adjunct faculty and City Vision to assess whether there is a fit.


  • Facilitate the course at the assigned times, as set forth above.

  • Enter a grade with comments within 7 days of an item’s submission date or due date (whichever comes first). Grade students at least 2-3 times per week. Enter all final grades within two weeks of the completion date of the course.

  • Provide substantive feedback of at least one paragraph of comments of an academic nature for each assignment related to the subject matter, showing that you reviewed their submission.

  • All communication must be in the University’s learning management system, for it to count toward this requirement. Any communication with students via email will not count toward this requirement.

  • Provide at least one paragraph of personalized academic feedback per assignment each week.

  • Faculty will be informed if there are any problems with the substantive feedback requirement. Any problems must be corrected for all weeks before the end of the term to avoid the risk of loss of financial aid for the course.

  • In discussion forums, post at least 5 responses per discussion, depending on the size of the class.

  • Lead live video sessions with students. As the video session facilitator, you are expected to be highly prepared and attend on time for the full sessions.


  • Minimum earned Master’s level degree or equivalent in your area of teaching (doctorate/terminal degree for teaching Master’s courses)

  • Official transcript(s) required for all relevant degrees and/or licenses from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or accreditation in your home country recognized in the U.S.

  • Online teaching experience is strongly preferred

  • Relevant practitioner experience in relevant industry/ministry strongly preferred

  • Ability to pass a background check or two non-relative references (one faith-related, one academic) if requested.

  • Must be a Christian actively attending a church and able to support City Vision’s statement of faith.

Potential Growth Opportunities

Because our mission and values are very unique, Open Christian University primarily follows a leadership development plan where we develop leaders internally to senior faculty and academic leadership positions as shown in the diagram below. Those with more senior academic experience may potentially go through this process more quickly than others, but it is still needed for acculturation. Senior faculty and academic leadership positions require: 1) senior level of competency in the roles shown below, 2) cross-cultural competency and fluency needed to equip leaders serving the poor and addicted.

How to apply

The interested candidates should apply by sending a cover letter, academic qualifications and a curriculum vitae with two reference persons to