Partner Institutions

The Open Christian University has entered into validation agreements with different government-recognized colleges, universities, institutions, and seminaries from different parts of the world. Under the terms of the agreements, they agreed to accept credits and degrees from each other for the purpose of further study or the award of a reciprocal degree. Additional fees are payable by the student or incorporated into the tuition fee upon admission, for the reciprocal or the second degree award. While the majority of University programs are eligible for this scheme, some (especially certificates, diplomas, and associate's degrees) are excluded, so students should seek advice from the admissions team before proceeding to apply for joint, dual or reciprocal degrees. A list of our academic collaborators is displayed below and will be gradually updated.

Open Christian Univeristy implements Ballsbridge University Curricula for a range of programs from certificates to dorectoral degrees. OCU students are eligible for BU degrees or dual awards regardless of their fields of education.

Business University of Costa Rica

Open Christian University has academic collaboration with the Business University of Costa Rica (UNEM) to offer joint degree programs leading to the university specific degrees in different fields of study. Students studying with OCU may earn dual awards from both OCU and UNEM.

Crown University (Argentina)

A bilateral agreement between Open Christan University and Crown University has been concluded. Students study with either university are eligible for dual or reciprocal degree from another institution.

Grace International Bible University

OCU and GIBU have both entered into an agreement on mutual recognition and issuance of dual degrees. The institutions also agreed on the exchange of resources, faculty and staff. Students who study with either institution may obtain a reciprocal degree or a double degree from another institution or accepted for further studies.

Poma University (Benin)

Concluded agreements between Open Christian University and Poma University concerns mutual recognition for all programs offered at either university. Students from either institution can earn dual or reciprocal award by another institution.

Team Impact Christian University

Open Christian University implements Team Impact Christian University (TICU) Curriculum. Students completing these programs earn degrees from Team Impact Chrian University. The list of programs offered by TICU can be found on the TICU website.