School of Business Theology

The School of Business Theology specialises in preparing Christians for business and professional work. It offers programs that aim to integrate the Christian faith in a secular environment. It is an ideal choice for marketplace ministers who are called to lead kingdom businesses or minister in the professional work environments. Is business or work your divine calling? How do you conduct business in a Christian way? The programs aim to help learners discover their calling/vocation and how to carry out their ministry where the Lord has placed them. All programs are based on the concept of stewardship to instill a sense of accountability for the Lord-given talents.

Taught Degree Programs

Theology of Business is our most important theme. The School of Business Theology offers taught programs leading to Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Christian Business Administration, with different specializations listed below. These programs, generally emphasise on [1] integrating Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making, [2] implementing business concepts in a business environment, [3] evaluating business operations and providing recommendations to improve performance, [4] analyzing Christian theological thinking, church, and culture through the centuries and the effects of each on the others and, [5] conducting independent research/project and evaluation of biblical and theological literature and apply knowledge to enhance ministry practices.

Bachelor of Christian Business Administration (BBA)

This is 120-credit hours of Bachelor of Christian Business Administration. The program provides students with an advanced competencies and Administration with management insights through the teaching and practice for those actively involved in Christian Administration and Management. Open Christian University focuses on knowledge and understanding rather the actual degree itself. For this purpose, OCU’s requirements and standards are slightly higher without any additional cost to you. From the start of your first course up to your graduation, you’ll know you have some great knowledge under your belt and you’ll be proud of your degree.

Master of Christian Business Administration (MBA)

This is 45 credit hours Master program in Christian Business Administration. Completing this track will lead to an MBA- Master of Christian Business Administration. The fully Online CMBA curriculum allows students to continue their business and professional responsibilities while earning an elite degree as full-time graduate students. The program emphacises the principle of "Learning by doing" to foster individual students' missions in their vocational call.

Doctor of Christian Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Christian Business Administration offers pastors, missionaries, and other leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth. This is a 60-credits postgraduate degree that exposes the postgraduate student to advanced coursework and thesis with a focus on mega Christian business and mega-churches. This course is designed for Christian leaders and experienced business people to expand their knowledge, good judgment, skills, attitude, and experience and to look in depth at a major Christian organizational issue.