School of Divinity

The School of Divinity program aims to respond to the current needs and questions of today's world by equipping leaders with interdisciplinary knowledge, professional field skills, and meaningful spiritual frames. The Divinity School trains Christian ministers whose call is within the four walls of a local church to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to serve in the fivefold ministry. Equipping and sustaining the church and mission of Christ is what we do. You are the future of the Christian faith, and we are committed to equipping you to lead, influence and guide the church into growth and life-changing ministries. The school offers the following theology and ministry programs:

Taught Degree Programs

The School of Divinity offers taught programs leading to undergraduate, graduate and Postgraduatee degrees in different areas of the fivefold ministry. The list of programs offered as below.


Graduate Certificate in Ministry

Graduate Certificate in Theology

Associate Degree in Ministry

Associate Degree in Theology

Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min)

Bachelor of Theology(B.Th)


Postgraduate Certificate in Ministry

Post graduate Certificate in theology

Post graduate Diploma in Ministry

Postgraduate Diploma in Theology

Master's Degree in Ministry

Master's Degree in Theology


Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

PhD in Theological Studies