The Open Christian University is a nondenominational Christian University, steadfast in its dedication to nurturing end-time reapers within the walls of traditional churches and throughout marketplace ministries.

Is OCU ideal for you?

Yes, only if you are looking for  mission-driven, flexible and affordable Christian education, with Spirity-anointed courses. We don't prepare you for a job, we prepare you for life challenges and stewardship. Learn to remain faithful to God in your vocational placement. Are we still for you? 

Why should you choose OCU again ?

We offer you an executive Christian education tailored to your divine mission and your own context. We aim to ensure an innovative learning & research experience for our students. Our students enjoy instant support from our global office, various national campuses, and Bible colleges across five continents.

Called to Ministry?

Whether you are called to a ministry in the church or in the marketplace, God wants to empower you to accomplish His plans for your life. By making quality education accessible, we strive to help our students discover, prepare and be empowered for their individual divine missions.