Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at Open Christian University is deeply intertwined with our core mission: nurturing and empowering ministers for effective service in both the local church and the marketplace. RPL serves as a vital conduit, removing academic barriers that may impede ministers from fulfilling their divine callings. Our unwavering belief in the inherent value of every minister's experience and knowledge fuels our commitment to recognizing and validating prior learning. 

The benefits of RPL are manifold and resonate profoundly with our mission. Firstly, it offers a pathway for non-traditional students, embracing individuals whose learning journeys have been shaped by diverse life experiences, including ministry service and vocational endeavors. This inclusive approach ensures that all ministers, regardless of their educational background, have the opportunity to pursue formal qualification. 

Moreover, RPL honors the sacred wisdom gained through practical ministry experience, affirming the invaluable contributions of marketplace ministers. By validating this experiential learning, we empower ministers to integrate their vocational expertise with theological education, enhancing their effectiveness in ministry. Additionally, RPL facilitates seamless progression to further education and training programs, streamlining the journey toward qualification attainment while eliminating unnecessary repetition of familiar material.

Furthermore, RPL offers the possibility of exemptions from specific courses or programs based on prior learning experiences. This personalized approach not only accelerates the qualification process but also enables efficient identification of skills gaps, ensuring that ministers are equipped with the precise knowledge and skills necessary for impactful ministry. In essence, RPL at Open Christian University serves as a catalyst for fulfilling our mission: equipping ministers to serve faithfully in the end-time harvest and fulfill their divine life missions. Through this transformative process, we affirm the sacred worth of every minister and stand as faithful stewards of God's calling.