Payments & Donations

Open Christian University endeavors to ensure transactions are flexible and convenient for all students and stakeholders. To accommodate various contexts, we offer multiple payment options, including PayPal, debit and credit cards, and Wire Transfer, known for their efficiency in sending funds to the University.

Should these options be unavailable in your country, please try also this dummy option or this Link, otherwise notify our finance team via for alternative arrangements.

It's common for our students and supporters to contribute to our ministry, particularly in Christian Education. While testimonials may inspire you, there's no obligation to follow suit. We encourage you to explore our donation page, where you can learn about ongoing projects and choose one to support. Your decision to contribute to a project that resonates with you brings glory to God. Thank you for considering how you can be part of our mission.

Please Make your Smart Payments Below

Bank Transfer

Please use the following International Wire Details to send money to the University.

Receiving bank:

Bank Name:  Choice Financial Group

SWIFT / BIC Code:  CHFGUS44021

ABA Routing Number: 091311229

Bank Address: 4501 23rd Avenue S Fargo, ND 58104 USA


Beneficiary Name: Open Christian University

IBAN / Account Number: 202349633715

Beneficiary Address: 1401 21st Street , STE R Sacramento, CA 95811