Mode of Study

Mode of Study

Online and distance learning is the primary mode of study at the Open Christian University, combining different learning styles including visual, auditory, reading & writing, and kinesthetic. The university policy allows the student to follow one of the four main study tracks that best suits their lifestyle. The available options for students taking courses at the Open Christian University are as follow:

Online Taught Program

Our primary mode of study is through online and distance learning, allowing students to pursue their studies from the comfort of their homes. Upon enrollment, each student is granted access to our University's learning management system, where they receive unique login credentials. Through their student portal, accessible at any convenient time, students can access course materials and resources. Students have the flexibility to choose between online study or downloading self-study materials for offline learning. Additionally, students may occasionally gather with their tutors and peers for workshops and tutorials, fostering a sense of community and support in their academic journey.

Assessment Methods:

At OCU, we employ a variety of assessment methods to ensure that students achieve the desired learning outcomes for each course. While numerous courses may conclude with an end-of-module essay as a component of the examination procedure, others may entail diverse assessment methods such as multiple-choice exams, project execution, or alternative series of evaluations. Regardless of the assessment format, all student submissions are conducted online, aligning with our commitment to digital learning. Our dedicated instructors utilize clear rubrics to guide their grading process, ensuring fairness and transparency in evaluation.

In line with our Christian values, we strive to provide a nurturing learning environment where students can grow academically and spiritually. 

Degree by Research and Publication

At the Open Christian University, we offer a unique opportunity for postgraduate students to pursue independent research in their area of study through our Degree by Research and Publication programs. Whether you have already published your materials or are embarking on new research, our programs provide a pathway for academic advancement and contribution to the scholarly discourse.

Degree by Research

The University welcomes applications from prospective students wishing to pursue independent postgraduate study in their area of study. We are active in postgraduate supervision, with research students at Masters (Research) and Doctoral levels engaging in research across Divinity, Business, and Theology.

Our Master's and PhD programs by research are a continuation of traditional research, where students select an area of inquiry and complete their thesis under the supervision of a designated supervisor. Prospective students outline their area of interest in an initial proposal, which is considered by the School. We strongly advise consulting with the university informally regarding research proposals before formal application to the School Dean. Prospective students are also invited to review the university research policy ahead of their application to fully understand the process and required deliverables.

Degree by Publication

For those who have already published their materials, our Degree by Publication program offers a pathway to academic recognition and advancement. Candidates compile a portfolio of their published works, demonstrating their contributions to their field of study. The portfolio is evaluated based on established criteria, including publication quality, original contribution, and writing quality. Our program acknowledges the significance of existing scholarly contributions and awards degrees based on demonstrated expertise and the quality of published work.

Integrated Approach:

Whether pursuing a Degree by Research or Publication, our programs uphold Christian values of humility, integrity, and service. We provide personalized guidance and mentorship to support students in their academic journey, fostering an environment of respect and reverence for the pursuit of knowledge. Join us to embark on a transformative academic experience rooted in Christian principles and dedicated to advancing understanding in your chosen field.

If you are a committed researcher or academic professional seeking recognition for your scholarly contributions, the Master or PhD by Publication degree at the Open Christian University offers a humble yet meaningful pathway to academic achievement. 

Degree by Professional Experience

At Open Christian University, we acknowledge and honor the valuable life experiences gained by individuals serving in ministry positions, particularly within the work of the Lord. Our Degree by Professional Experience program is designed to recognize and credit these experiences, providing a pathway for ministry professionals to earn fully accredited degrees.

Recognition of Life Experience:

We understand that many individuals have dedicated years to ministry work, accumulating extensive knowledge and expertise without formal certification. Our university values this commitment and offers life experience credits to recognize the significant contributions made in the service of God. This recognition not only accelerates the learning college experience but also enables individuals to earn accredited ministry-related degrees.

Application Requirements:

Applicants seeking recognition of professional experience must have served in a recognized ministry position for more than five years. It's important to note that diplomas or degrees cannot be awarded solely based on life experience. However, our program allows for the recognition of up to 70% of the required credit hours through documented life experiences.

Documentation and Evaluation:

To apply for life experience credits, applicants must provide detailed documentation of their ministry involvement, including activities such as authoring books, participating in missions trips, teaching classes, engaging in outreach ministries, and serving within church ministries. Each documented experience should include the years of involvement, evidence, and testimonies validating the impact of the ministry work. This documentation will be carefully evaluated to determine the applicable credits towards the degree program.

If you have dedicated yourself to ministry work and desire to further your education while continuing to serve the Lord, our Degree by Professional Experience program offers a meaningful opportunity to earn an accredited degree that recognizes your valuable contributions.