The Open Team

Open Team?

We are truely an Open Christians Community! We do not want or try to hide everything we have heard from Him because He has commanded us to be salt and light, so we strive to be, without border (Matthew 5:14-16)

Our team is made of a diverse range of committed Christians who volunteer their time, energy and ressources to equip fellow Christians for effective harvest. 

For some, the Master has given to be administrators, designers, leaders, marketers, teachers, etc. Before He returns sooner, we pray and encourage each other to use the gifts He has given us to win more souls and accomplish His purpose in our lives.

Will You Join US?

We welcome new community members on a rolling basis as the Lord calls and guides them to OCU. They are individuals who are inbound and outbound Open Christians. 

We rarely send staff calls because we don't compansate and they don't work for the OCU, but for the One who called each of us. That's to say: We are stewards of all the gifts He has given us and we exercise them through the OCU to bless others, in line with our callings. Do we share the same values?