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We seek candidates who are passionate about the marketplace Ministry and teaching students to identify and plan for their missions as well as be innovators and leaders. Ideal candidates are aligned with the OCU teaching philosophy, which celebrates hands-on, experiential learning. As for the Open Christian Ministries, OCU uses volunteers to fulfil its mission. If you don't see any open role or feel you can help the university with a special commitment, please reach out to us through

Special Volunteer Pool :

In order to accomplish the above mission, Open Christian University utilizes Christian volunteer faculty and staff who dedicate their time, energy, and resources to Christian Education. All of our roles are part-time, remote, unpaid volunteer roles performed by committed Christians who follow biblical stewardship principles. We do not force ministers to do anything but rely on their commitments to the ministry and to the Lord.

With this special pool, we are looking to fill vacancies in our updated organizational structure. Accepted ministers are asked to serve a two-year term, renewable based on personal commitment and performance.

Available Positions

  1. Business Administrator

  2. Regional Business Development Director (different regions)

  3. Fundraising Manager

  4. Proposal Development Associate

  5. Communications and Marketing Manager

  6. School Dean

  7. Heads of Department

  8. Director of Research and Innovations

  9. Chief Editor

  10. Senior Research Associate

  11. Journal Editors and Reviews

  12. Dean of Students

  13. Careers and Students Life Officer

  14. Students Ministries Program Officer

  15. Admissions Manager

  16. Students Recruitment Officer

  17. Academic Liaison Officer

General Eligibility

  • Applicants must be Christians, actively serving in their local church, with or studying toward a seminary degree, or engaged in broader Christian ministry activities.

  • Applicants for national-level positions must be residents of the country for which they are applying

  • Applicants for regional-level positions must be residents of one of the countries in the region for which they are applying

  • Applicants for Dean, Heads and Director roles are expected to have at least a Master’s degree (PhD being a plus) and at least 5 years of relevant experience

  • All other roles require at least a Bachelor’s degree

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply by sending the following documents to

  1. Application letter addressed to the University President

  2. Resume / CV

  3. Copy of National Identity Document or Passport

  4. Letter of recommendation from the local church or proof of service in their local church

  5. A short 5-minute intro video (in English) about yourself:

  • A brief introduction about yourself,

  • Your divine mission and why you are interested in serving with us,

  • How you plan to drive OCU strategy in your role


  • By submitting your application, you acknowledge our Statement of Belief and our Christian values ​​as well as the voluntary nature of our roles and other internal policies and regulations of Open Christian Ministries.

  • Given the urgency of filling these roles, role descriptions will be available upon approval (volunteers may also be invited to support the efforts thereof)

If you are interested in serving with us, but couldn't find an ideal role here, please email your cover letter, resume, and reference letter to