The Chancellor Scholarship 


The Chancellor Scholarship program was initiated to recognize students with exceptional leadership, strength of character and a deep-seated commitment to marketplace ministry. The Chancellor Scholarships enable talented and motivated marketplace ministers to gain the knowledge and skills required for their missions in the marketplace.

Chancellor's Fellows have worked to build strong market ministry communities that aim to bridge the gaps between church and workplace, with a keen interest in issues of disconnect between faith and work. Chancellor's Fellows should build on these prior commitments by actively and continuously engaging in academic and Christian leadership opportunities through Open Christian Ministries. The program is funded with gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, students, corporations, and friends.


Chancellor's Scholars receive exam processing fee for their study program and opportunities to participate in a range of fellowship events at the Open Christian Ministries. Note that the scholarship does not include the application and graduation fees.


Application Procedures

1.    Apply for admission for an eligible program of the Open Christian University.

2.    Get an unconditional offer of place for your study program

3.    Submit an Online Application for the Chancellor Scholarship, with all required information

4.    The Scholarship committee evaluates your application. Strong candidates are intellectually curious, mission-driven and able to articulate their ideas clearly.

5.    Be notified about the outcome of your application by email

6.    Get an scholarship offer

Application Deadline

There is no deadline for application. The Scholarship committee reviews all applications on a rolling basis.