University Research Policy


Research and scholarship are central to the mission of the Open Christian University. It is the cornerstone of the continuing creation of knowledge which is the foundation of all disciplines. It directly contributes to spiritual and social well-being, health, culture, economic development and the advancement of society.

Research and scholarship can flourish only in a climate of academic freedom which includes freedom of inquiry and the right to disseminate the results thereof, freedom to challenge conventional thought, freedom from institutional censorship, and the privilege of conducting research on human and animal subjects. However, with academic freedom comes the responsibility to ensure that all research and scholarship: is informed by the principles of honesty, integrity, trust, accountability and collegiality; meets high scientific and ethical standards; is conducted with honest and thoughtful inquiry, rigorous analysis, and accountability for the use of professional standards; and seeks to increase knowledge in ways that do not harm but which benefit society.

The cultivation of these values in the University community is advanced by the ongoing education of its members in matters of research integrity, and by adopting and following appropriate policies within which research and scholarship should be conducted, policies which all major funding agencies require universities to have in place.

This Regulation, therefore, establishes a general framework for the conduct of research. It is premised on individual responsibility for the selection and conduct of research and scholarship as individual members of the University community are best positioned, through special knowledge, to be aware of both the manner in which their research and scholarly activity are being conducted and the consequences of such activity. Special responsibility rests with Researchers to remain aware of the consequences of their Research and to balance the potential benefits against the possibility of harmful applications.

This Regulation should be interpreted in a manner that is consistent with the vision of the University as a research and scholarly community committed to the principles of academic freedom, honesty, integrity, trust, accountability and collegiality, and the idea that fair play must prevail at all times.

This Regulation does not replace the policies and guidelines of agencies sponsoring research or which have oversight of particular research activities.

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