Start a Bible College


Pastors, Christian leaders and local Churches. Pastors and Christian Leaders can begin their own ministry-based schools by registering with our Christian University and implementing our courses. With this form of schooling, pastors and Christian leaders can mentor their own leaders.

Colleges, Institutes, churches, NGOs and individuals wishing to operate Study Centers and Extension Campuses of  Open Christian University in various parts of the world on mutual partnership basis are requested to apply online. The approved study centers will enroll students, conduct study exercises and hold examinations or assessment of students. 

The OCU awards the diploma to students meeting the graduation requirements based on the recommendations of the study center's assessment board. The quality of the educational standards will be monitored by the university accreditation bodies and the Approved accredited centres membership will be granted to the successful candidate.

Attached Organizational Partner Manual gives details of academic collaboration with OCU for the international Christian comunity wishing to start ministry-based schools for effective service.

Models of Collaboration 

OCU offers different ways to create a ministry-based school or help existing institutions operate in affiliation to strengthen collaboration. In either case, OCU may license whole programs or stages of programs, designed by OCU and often delivered online through the OCU's e-campus, to be delivered by a partner institution at their premises. 

International Study Center

OCU Study Centers are learning centers, ministry-based schools or bible colleges established, maintained, or recognized by The Open Christin University through collaboration with the local church community. This arrangement helps committed ministers, churches, denominations, mission agencies, Christian NGOs, and non-profit organizations to establish their own ministry-based schools and teach OCU courses on their premises to empower the local church. The centers carry out activities of advertising, admissions support, student's counselling and career advice, training by organizing contact classes and administering the examinations required per the program specifications. If you are called for Christian education and interested in starting your ministry-based school, check out the details and Apply Here. 

 Collaborating Institutions

Collaborating Institutions are existing education providers, collaborating with the Open Christian University in the design and delivery of an approved curriculum. OCU collaborates with different institutions in various ways to ensure quality, access, and affordance. The most common forms include, but are not limited to: 

a) Validation: a form of arrangement where OCU accredits a program developed [and often to be delivered] by a partner institution as equivalent to an OCU award or leading to the award of a specific number of credits in the OCU credit framework. The partner institution has responsibility for updating program content and program content will be reviewed as part of the partner institution’s Collaborative Review.

b) Joint Program:  is a study program developed and/or provided jointly by two or more higher education institutions, possibly also in cooperation with other institutions, leading to the award of [1] either institution, [2] double/ multiple degrees or [3] a joint degree. Learn More.

c) Articulation: an arrangement whereby programs and modules delivered by a partner institution are formally recognized for credit transferability or for the purposes of advanced standing towards an OCU award.

If you would like to get in touch with Open Christian University regarding Academic Collaboration, write an email a completed MoU to . Feel free to suggest new areas of collaboration or terms of agreement.