Students' Financial Obligations

The Open Christian University aims to provide an affordable and accessible Christian education to Christians around the world, with special attention to financially disadvantaged Christians who would not, otherwise afford the cost of higher education. To do this, the University attracts the support of generous donors and volunteer ministers who dedicate their time, energy and resources to support this ministry, bringing the cost of teaching and textbooks to zero. However, our students are required to pay a small administrative fee, often to cover the cost of technology, accreditation and/or to sustain the institution. Payable fees are detailed below:

Fee Category

Registration fee

Administrative Fee 

Tuition fee

Graduation fee


All Religious Programs

Certificate     Associate       Bachelor       Masters     Doctorate

 $25                       $25                      $25                $25                  $25

$15                         $75                      $170              $245              $475

$0                             $0                          $0                   $0                    $0

&50                         $50                       $50                $50                  $50

  $80                       $150                    $245              $320               $550

Joint Secular (non-religious) Programs

Certificate      Associate     Bachelor       Masters     Doctorate

 $25                          $25                    $25                $25               $25

$300                         $600                  $1,200         $1,450       $2,500          

$0                                 $0                        $0                   $0                  $0

$50                              $50                      $50                $50                $50

  $375                          $675                 $1,275          $1,525          $2,575           

Note: Students taking joint or dual degree programs, delivered in collaboration with our partner institutions, will be required to pay an additional degree validation fee. These fees vary by program and collaborating institution. Students should therefore seek advice from our admissions team before enrolling.

We believe that training ministers is a huge contribution to the local church, especially with the increasing requirements for Christian ministers to hold theological qualifications in order to serve in their respective countries.

It is, however, very unfortunate to mention that some Christian ministers cannot even afford this small charge to meet state licensing requirements to serve as Christian leaders, preachers, evangelists, teachers or to establish Christian institutions in their localities.   As the University strives to find a solution, often by offering financial support, we continually appeal to the generosity of donors who can provide scholarships to deserving students. See Scholarship page.