Tuition Fees and Scholarships

The Open Christian University aims to provide tuition free Christian education to financially disadvantaged Christians around the world.We believe that training ministers is a huge contribution to the local church, especially with the increasing requirements for Christian ministers to hold theological degrees in order to serve in their respective countries. While the majority of Christian ministers cannot afford tuition for their education to meet state requirements to serve as Christian leaders, preachers, evangelists, teachers or found Christian ministries in their areas; The Open Christian University stood to fill the void, for the Lord will continually provide His support. In that regard, the Open Christian University provides tuition-free education to students around the world with the support of generous donors and volunteer ministers who dedicate their time, energy, and resources in support of this ministry. Students only pay for a small for for registration, exam process and graduation charges to support our administrative costs. This financial obligation varies by country according to the World Bank country classification.

Please refer to the World Bank country classification or download this Excel document for more details on your country classification and applicable financial obligation. Please note that this classification changes from time to time, so your country may increase or decrease in GDP, as published by the World Bank on an annual basis.


Students taking joint or dual degree programs, delivered in collaboration with our partner institutions, will be required to pay an additional degree validation fee. These fees vary by program and collaborating institution. Students should therefore seek advice from our admissions team before enrolling.

Secular Programs

General Fees

Application fee $25

Graduation fee $50

Program fees

Bachelor's Degree $1,300

Masters Degree $1,500

Doctorates $3,600

Honorary $1,000

Optional fees

Dual validation fees for joint programs vary by program and by collaborating universities

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