Students' Financial Obligations

At Open Christian University, our mission is to extend the blessings of Christian education to believers worldwide, particularly to those facing financial hardships who may otherwise lack access to higher learning. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our donors and volunteer ministers, whose selfless contributions of time, energy, and resources enable us to fulfill this sacred ministry. Through their support, we are able to offer tuition and textbooks at no cost, removing financial barriers for our students. However, to sustain the operations of the institution and ensure the quality of our programs, a modest administrative fee is required. This fee may cover expenses related to technology, accreditation, and the overall maintenance of our educational offerings. We recognize the importance of transparency and accountability, and below, we provide details of the payable fees:

Fee Category

Registration fee

Administrative Fee 

Tuition fee

Graduation fee


All Religious Programs

Certificate     Associate       Bachelor       Masters     Doctorate

 $25                       $25                      $25                $25                  $25

$15                         $75                      $170              $245              $475

$0                             $0                          $0                   $0                    $0

&50                         $50                       $50                $50                  $50

  $80                       $150                    $245              $320               $550

Note: Note: For students engaging in joint or dual degree programs, offered in collaboration with our esteemed partner institutions, an additional degree validation fee will be applicable. These fees are program-specific and may vary depending on the collaborating institution. We humbly advise students to seek guidance from our admissions team before enrolling, ensuring clarity on the associated costs and making informed decisions aligned with their educational journey. Your understanding and thoughtful consideration in this matter are sincerely appreciated.

We firmly believe that equipping ministers is vital for the growth and strength of the local church, especially considering the rising demand for theological qualifications among Christian leaders in various countries.

It saddens us to acknowledge that some dedicated ministers face financial barriers hindering their ability to meet state licensing requirements necessary for serving as Christian leaders, preachers, evangelists, teachers, or establishing Christian institutions within their communities.

In our commitment to addressing this issue, we earnestly seek solutions, often extending financial support to those in need. Additionally, we continuously appeal to the generosity of donors who can provide scholarships to deserving students, enabling them to pursue their calling without financial burden.

We invite you to explore our Scholarship page and consider joining us in this noble endeavor of supporting aspiring Christian leaders in their journey of ministry and service. Your compassionate assistance can make a profound difference in the lives of those called to serve the Lord.