International Teams

Sixbert SANGWA, PhDs

International President

Prof. Dr. Placide MUTABAZI, PhDs

Executive Chancellor

Distinguished University Prof. Dr. Charles Idahosa

Honorary Chancellor

Dr. Prince Udo Iniobong Freely

International Business Administrator

Rev. Dr. Tobias Wakhungu

Director of Public Relations

Anastase BUCYANA

Director of Quality Assurence

Bishop Prof.  Michael Awolola

Director of Research and Innovation

Dr. Timothy O. Imuwahen

Associate Registrar

Bsp Dr. Kennedy Anaswa Musee

Accreditation Officer

Rev. Dr. Bolarinwa Dayo

Curriculum Design Officer

Prof. Lebogang Seoketsa

Dean of the School of Ministry

Prof. Dr. Henry OH

Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies